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Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney and Student Loan Lawyer

Offices convenient located in Fraser and Gaylord Michigan.

Legal issues can be frustrating, frightening, and highly stressful, especially when you are not familiar with the law. Trying to resolve a legal issue without proper guidance can be potentially disastrous to say the least. The repercussions of a poorly handled case can last a lifetime.

The goal of Bernadich Law, PLLC is to make sure this does not happen to you. We promise to do our best to resolve your legal issues as quickly and expediently as possible while ensuring the best possible outcome for your case.

We are here to help you navigate the legal process, protect your rights and alleviate the overwhelming frustration that often results when trying to handle legal matters on your own.

What We Do

Bernadich Law, PLLC, provides legal representation to individuals facing difficult problems such as personal bankruptcy, criminal defense, and debt collection harassment.

We can assess your situation, advise you on the best course of action, and assist with filing claims, completing forms, identifying alternatives and protecting your rights.  We help ensure your rights are protected and help you achieve the best results possible, whether that means negotiating a plea agreement, reducing your sentence, or defending your innocence in court.

Who We Serve

With attorney offices in Gaylord and Fraser Michigan, Bernadich Law serves clients primarily in southeast Michigan, but we are available to clients anywhere in the state and can meet with you by phone or travel to your location when necessary. We are proud to work with Michigan's working citizens and those struggling to find adequate representation for their tax, debt and immigration legal needs.

Why Hire Us

Bernadich Law is a small firm but offers several advantages that larger firms struggle with:

  • Affordability – We understand that times are tough and budgets are tight. We offer very low rates with flexible payment options. Your ability not to pay should not be the reason that you fight your legal battles alone. We are not on the billable clock and will never charge you for such basic services as phone calls, emails, faxes, document delivery and postage.
  • Availability — You can reach Peter by phone, text or e-mail, no matter the day or time.
  • Convenience — You can meet Peter at his office in Fraser or Gaylord, or the location of your choice.
  • Flexibility — We will go out of our way to accommodate your schedule and unique needs.
  • Responsiveness — Receive a reply to your inquiry usually the same day.
  • Aggressive — Bernadich Law will do whatever it takes to achieve the best results possible as quickly as possible
  • Personal — You will only work with Peter, not a junior partner or other attorney you haven't met.

Receive a Free, no-obligation consultation

If you would like to receive a Free, No-Obligation Consultation with Peter, please call J. Bernadich Law toll-free at (855) 650-2529 or complete our online contact form on the website or the Contact Us page.


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