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Bernadich Law, PLLC was founded on the principle of always giving assistance to those who need it.

If you retain our firm, we promise to do our best in getting the results you need. We know that you need results sooner rather than later, and we do what it takes to achieve the best result possible as quickly as possible. If we take your case, you can be assured that it will be pursued aggressively to the very end. Your case will not be ignored, forgotten about, or left to gather dust in our filing cabinet. And even if we can't represent you in whatever legal obstacle you face, often times we can refer you to someone who can.

So what then are the strengths of Bernadich Law?

First, we always try to you give clear explanations of the law.

Most of the time, the law is as clear as mud. It's complicated and confusing, and most people (including some judges and lawyers) don't fully understand it. That's why we take the time to explain the legal issues surrounding your case in a way that's easy to understand and make sense of. We believe that if you comprehend your situation and options better, you'll make better decisions and be more satisfied with the results.

Second, Bernadich Law is flexible, adaptive and mobile.

Bernadich Law is a modern law firm. We take advantage of the latest technologies and new ways of doing business and practicing law to get you better results faster. From better communication and increased availability for our clients to mobile capabilities that allow us to practice law from anywhere in Michigan, our flexible and adaptive approach provides more options and convenience for you.

Third, we are friendly and personal.

We like working with our clients and we want you to like working with us. Unlike stuffy law firms of the past, we like to get to know our clients on a personal level. This friendly, personal connection gives us more insight into your situation and the kind of results that will serve you best. It also helps you feel more comfortable in working with us, unlike many larger firms that tend to intimidate their clients. We work together with you in a natural partnership that we find yields more satisfactory results for our clients.

Bernadich Law, PLLC is the Modern Michigan Law Firm with a Flexible, Personal Approach that Gets You Results.

Our Strengths Equal Your Advantage.

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